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The 7 young men who flew and died together :

Max Venton from Melksham, Wilts

Flight Engineer

Ronnie Smith from Sheffield, S. Yorks


Bill Chatters from Ilford, Essex

Mid upper gunner 

Rowland (Rolly) Ward from Bondi, NSW Australia


Harry Callaghan from Prestwich, Lancs


Colin Terras from Newcastle, NSW Australia

Wireless operator 

Tom Drennan from Cork, Ireland

Rear gunner

This photograph may have been taken at their Operational Training Unit since Max isn't included though he could be behind the camera.  Colin, Rolly and Ronnie are sitting in the front with Bill immediately behind Colin and Rolly.  Tom is sitting with his hands resting on Ronnie' shoulders (and he's the only one looking directly at the camera), with Harry at the top and back.

A studio portrait of Rolly, Tom and Colin

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