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Harry Callaghan - navigator

Harry Callaghan came from 70 Highfield Road, Prestwich, Manchester, he was also 21.  He was an apprentice at Salford Electrical Instruments and was in the final year of a 3 year National Certificate in the evening at the Radcliffe Technical College, which he was hoping to complete before being called up after volunteering at Padgate.  Harry always wanted to be a navigator, he trained in Canada prior to returning to England and OTU where he crewed up.  (Photo courtesy of Steve Callaghan)

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 17.22.32.jpeg

An aerial view of the Salford Electrical Instruments works, Silk Street, where Harry worked prior to his call-up.

Having completed his ITW stage in England and selected for navigator training, Harry sent some time at Heaton Park, Manchester which was a "holding camp" for aircrew awaiting posting to other areas for further training.  Harry would have received a copy of the following booklet to let him know about the regime of Heaton Park: (with thanks to Clive Smithers for the copy of these pages)


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